Time Content
8:45-9:00 Admission of Participants
9:00-9:05 Opening Ceremony
Part I: Plenary & Keynote Session
Time: 9:05-11:05
Time Plenary & Keynote

Title: Multicomponent High-Entropy Cantor Alloys for Recycling and Reuse

Speaker: Prof. Brian Cantor, University of Oxford, UK


Title: New Advanced Bio-based Porous Carbons for Energy and Environmental Applications

Speaker: Prof. Alain Celzard, Universit√© de Lorraine, France


Title: On the Material Flow Mechanism and Distribution of Thermal-Mechanical Loads during Cutting Process

Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Kejia Zhuang, Wuhan University of Technology, China


Title: Self-Powered PIN Detector

Speaker: Prof. Zhiyuan Zhu, Southwest University, China

Coffee Break

Time: 11:05-11:15

Part II: Oral Session I 

Time: 11:15-12:00

Time Presentation

AM446  Study on CO2 Adsorption and Permeance of Porous Carbon and Nitrogen Membranes Co-regulated by Charge and Strain

Xue Lia, Wenhao He, Zilong Liu, Ge Zhao, Guiwu Lu and Junqing Chen


AM473  Research on Dynamic Constitutive Model and Fracture Characteristics of Two High Strength Steels

Xiangyu Li, Fugang Li, Minzu Liang and Kefan Zhang


AM475  Effect of Heavy Metal Contamination on Maize Crop Growing along the Roadside

Farzana Malik

Lunch Break

Time: 12:00-14:00

Part III: Oral Session II

Time: 14:00-16:00

Time Presentation

S107  Data Driven User Feature Prediction in Mobile Applications Based on Muti-Channel CNN

Yuanbang Li, Chi Xu, Shi Dong and Laihang Yu


S113  A Predictive Model of Photosynthesis for Cucumber

P Gao and J Hu


S150  Max-Min Fairness Energy Efficiency Optimization for Cognitive Networks Based on Unsupervised Deep Learning

Yao Huang, Anming Dong, Jiguo Yu, Jing Qiu, Tong Zhang and You Zhou


S205  Multi-skill Collaboration-Based Task Assignment in Spatial Crowdsourcing

Zhejun Liang, Wenan Tan, Jiu Liu and Kai Ding


S149  A Mechanical Wearing Fault Diagnosis Method of Aero-engine Based on RSS-ERT

Mingyang Tang and Yafeng Wu


S124  An Indirect Friends Acquisition System Based on Microblog User Data

Zhizhuang Li, Yuhao Zhang, Xueying Li and Chunlan Zhu


AM486  Study on Friction and Wear Behaviors of M42 High Speed Steel 

Y Liu, D Li, Q L Shao, J Kang and R Su


AM481  Creep Prediction Model of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube under Different Core Concrete Conditions

Rongling Zhang, Zeyu Xiong, Lina Ma, Zhaofeng Hao, Wenda Lv and Wenbo Li

Part IV: e-Poster Session 

Time: All Conference Day


In-situ Preparation of CdS/TiO2 Heterojunction Based on MOFs-derived TiO2 with Improved Photocatalytic Performance 

Yue Chen, Ping Li and Shuwang Duo 


Analysis of Type IV Creep Failure for P91 Steel Welded Joint Based on Thermal Displacement of Steam Pipeline 

Zhen Dai, Changfu Liu, Kangning Tao, Yiwen Zhang and Lulu Fang 


Study of the Test Methods of Emission Rates in Different Ambient Temperature Fields 

Xia Zhao, Xin Jia, Qufei Shi and Jian Wu 


Failure Mechanism of Water Wall Coating Prepared by Supersonic Arc Spraying 

Weixin Yu, Kangning Tao, Zhen Dai, Fangzhou Jin and Yiwen Zhang 


Study on Improving Sewing Damage of Cuprammonium Fabric  

Xiaoshi Jia, Xiaohan Liu and Lina Cui 


Influence of SO2 in the Medium to High Temperature Range of SO3 Removal by CaO 

Jiarui Zhao, Chen Huang and Zhong Liu


Research on Improved Arc Model of Isolating Switch and VFTO Characteristics 

Zhuangzhuang Yang 


Preparation and the Luminescence Properties of ZnS:Mn Particles 

Xinyi Qian and Caifeng Chen 


Fatigue Damage of Stayed Cables Due to Buffeting Induced by Eastern-Zhejiang Typhoon 

W. Peng 


Research on Python-Based Regression Model of Female Body Measurement 

Chang Ma, Zhengdong Liu and Boxiang Xiao 


Reverse Analysis of Wangxin Application Based on Android Platform 

Yu Shi, Lulin Ni and Qingbing Ji


Message Board Information Extraction Based on LDA and RNN 

Lili Meng and Zhaoshun Wang 


A Hypergraph Structure-Based Model for the Evolution of Drug Targeted Hypernetworks 

Libing Bai, Qihang Zhu and Feng Hu 


A Personalized Exercise Recommendation Method for Teaching Objectives

Zhizhuang Li and Fei Xu


An Approach for Credit Scoring Based on Sequential Pattern Mining 

Yiting Guo and Dian Chen


Day Ahead Load Forecasting of Integrated Energy System Based on Multi-model Combination

Jianhua Ye, Fengzhang Luo, Jing Cao and Li Yang 


Thermal Map Detection Method for Web Page Based on Thermopile Array Sensor

Fan Yang and Jun Xu 


User Alignment across Heterogeneous Networks Based Meta-Path Attention

Yong Gan, Chenfang Zhang and Ruisen Yang


Research on Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on Temporal Context

Jun Li and Ge Yu 


A V2V Spectral Resource Allocation Scheme in Congestion Scenarios Based on Game Theory

Li Wang and J Ren 


Video-Based Heart Rate Measurement via the Anti-shake Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG) Pulse Extraction 

Fangyuan Lyu, Yuting Zhu, Shaolong Chen and Luping Wang 


A Multi-Objective Optimization MEC Task Hierarchical Offloading System Based On SWIPT

Zewei Zhang, Taoshen Li and Linfeng Yang 


Unloading Strategy with Caching Mechanism Based on Genetic-Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Biying Peng, Taoshen Li and Yan Chen


Part-Aware Network: A Simple but Efficient Method for Occluded Person Re-Identification 

Peijun Ye, Haitang Zeng, Wei Zhang and Dihu Chen 


A Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm for Parameters Identification of Double Diode Model of PV 

Yong Wu and Cong Chen 


Health Monitoring System Based on Wireless Personal Area Network 

Chenwei Feng, Yu Sun, Xiaoxin Wu, Fuchun Jiang, Lin Tao and Jiahao Zheng 


Path Planning Based on Improved Deep Q Network 

Hongbo Zhang, Peng Wang, Cui Ni and Nuo Cheng 


An Improved Indoor Localization Algorithm Based on SOM and WKNN 

Jiuqi Luo and Changgeng Li


A Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Based on Adaptive Regional Model

Yuhao Wang and Changgeng Li 


Neighbor-T: Neighborhood Transformer Aggregation for Enhancing Representation of Out-of-Knowledge-Base Entities

Jing Xie, Jingchi Jiang, Jinghui Xiao and Yi Guan 


Precise Segmentation of Offshore Farms in High-Resolution SAR Images Based on Improved UNet++

Chuang Yu, Yunpeng Liu and Xin Xia 


A Detection of Lost Assets Method Based on Feature Optimization and Active-passive Detection

Jingchen Yan, Chenxi Cai, Zhe Du and Jianbin Li 


Spatio-Temporal Multi-Attention Graph Network for Traffic Forecasting

Qinzheng Li and Wenxing Zhu


A Self-Adaptive Loop Matching Algorithm Based on GA for 2D Lidar SLAM

Honghao Zhao and Wenxing Zhu 


A Traffic Data Imputing Method Based On Multisource Recurrent Neural Network

Zhongchang Ji and Wenxing Zhu 


Automatic Detection and Evaluation of Nail Psoriasis Base on Deep Learning: A Preliminary Application and Exploration

Bin Ji, Yiyi Wang and Dongqi Zuo 


The Analysis of the Influence Caused by UPD on GNSS Positioning with Using SDCP Measurements

Ling Xiao, Changzhe Si, Xin Ye, Bangshuang Zhang and Gang Qin


Application Research of Garbage Salvage System Based on Deep Learning

Wang Yang, Jin Che, Lijia Zhang and Mingfa Ma